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Frequently Asked Questions

 Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below:

The term real wood refers to solid wood flooring which is comprised of single pieces of timber. Engineered wood flooring is comprised of many layers of timber that are glued together and then finished with a hardwood layer on top, usually between 3mm  - 5mm thick. Engineered flooring is popular in the UK as it is not as susceptible to swelling and shrinkage from variable climate and moisture conditions as solid wood boards can be.

Laminate floors are very hard wearing and easy to clean. They are also cheaper than solid wood and engineered flooring and quicker to install, making them more cost effective all round.
One disadvantage is that they are not easy to remove and replace in central areas due to the fragility of the joins.

This comes down to personal choice. It is usually advisable to direct the boards from front to back as this is normally where the majority of windows are. If the light follows the length of the boards it draws the eye into the room and gives a sense of spaciousness. This is not always the case and sometimes it’s best to follow the longest run. In each scenario the type of flooring and the shape of the space need to be taken into consideration.


A damp cloth with a small ammount of cleaning detergent. Wipe away any excess liquid.

If a spill has penetrated the timber, most wooden floors can be sanded and re finished. If this is not possible, board replacement could be the solution.

A wooden floor of good quality can usually be treated to remove its original oil or lacquer and then sanded back in preparation for a new finish. There are oils, dyes, stains a and lacquers to achieve any appearance you're after, wooden floors can also be painted.

There are many products on the market that can help to reduce the transference of sound to the rooms below. Sound insulation boards and acoustic underlay are some examples. Selecting the correct products and fitting method is paramount to achieving the desired results.

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